WIP Marathon Check-In #1

I just signed up this morning so bear with me as I try to tie all the pieces together. Here’s my link back to home.

Last Week’s Count: 0 – I just started.

Current Word Count: 17,600. I should be getting the two mains together very soon now.

WIP Issues Last Week: Trying to find the right voice for my guy. He’s hurt, alone, and bitter and I’m trying really hard not to fall for the cliches. I think he’s on the path. I’ll know by next week.

What I Learned This Week In Writing: Trust my characters. They know what’s supposed to happen even if I don’t.

What Distracted Me Last Week: Well, mostly this. I set up the blog and twitter and my reader and … and … and it’s all very exciting but also very distracting. I’ll have to train myself to only check in after I have my words for the day. Only 63,000 words left to go. This week’s target is 28,000 words (45,000 total). Yikes!

Last 200 Words: Not this week.

WIP Marathon

I was just whinging about being too tired to write and too wide awake to sleep when I found this #wipmarathon project thing on Megan Paasch’s blog and followed the link over to Ifeoma Dennis’.

Sign up closed on the first of August but I think the mental exercise of spelling out the goals for the month – along with the potential obstacles is a good one. I’m gonna sleep on it tonight and see what I can come up with tomorrow.

Should be fun!