Review: Gretchen Galway

I’m a sucker for an offbeat tale. When I saw Gretchen Galway’s This Time Next Door, I couldn’t resist grabbing a sample.

Tight writing with a humorous, self-deprecating wink drew me instantly into the story. Of course I knew how it would end. That’s the point of the genre isn’t it? You know how it ends but you want to see how the characters get there?

I loved MaJo and Rose. Watching them twist in the breeze kept me from my own writing this week. A delightfully charming plot and rich characterizations kept me flipping the screen instead of pounding the keys. The ending was immensely satisfying. If there were a couple of scenes that ran a little too blue for my normal consumption, I enjoyed them anyway. Even Nora Roberts gets a bit racy now and again 🙂

I’ll be citing Gretchen Galway as one of my main obstacles in the WIPMarathon update this week. As soon as I finished This Time Next Door, I ran right out and picked up Love Handles.

Gahh. I need to be writing … not reading.

Curse you, Gretchen. And thank you!