WIP Marathon Intro

I’m late to the game but I’ll just jog along here at the back of the pack. This is where I say “Hello, August Writing Marathon!”

Marathon Goal: Finish first draft (80k) by September 1, 2013

Marathon Stage: Grinding it out, one sentence after another. Getting my feet wet in social media and just trying to amp up the fun.

Marathon Inspiration: I grew up on Nora Roberts and Mary Stewart. I’m a reformed Harlequin junkie. The new ereaders have opened up a window for me–a window into the world behind the page. When I was younger, I never really believed I’d be able to break the wall of slush. The idea of creating living, breathing, loving characters seemed like some kind of voodoo, but now maybe I have enough life behind me to succeed at casting the spell. If I do, then I can try my hand at finding readers.

Marathon Obstacles: I suspect the biggest obstacle is me. I’ve always been my own harshest critic and prone to procrastination. (At one time I tried to join a procrastinators club but the meetings were always “tomorrow.”) My goal is 4k a day for the next twenty days … or 80k words and a completed story … whichever comes first.

One thought on “WIP Marathon Intro

  1. 80K is quite a goal! Go for it!
    And hope you get to enjoy the social media. Twitter is a nice way for connecting with writers.

    Welcome to WIPMarathon and goodluck with your goal!

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