WIP Marathon Check-in #2

I’m a day late but using yesterday’s numbers but here’s the backlink to ID

Last Week’s Count: 17,600

Current Word Count: 24,500. Not anywhere near my goal.

WIP Issues Last Week: Getting the right level of engagement for my two mains was a bit of a challenge. I’m trying to internalize “Backstory informs the action. It doesn’t replace it.” I think I have to write out the backstory, but when I look at it after I realize that I’ve just spent 5,000 words on stuff that doesn’t happen here.

What I Learned This Week In Writing: Don’t try to read while you’re on a deadline. :/

What Distracted Me Last Week: I blame Gretchen Galway for taking too much time from my writing week with reading This Time Next Door and Love Handles. I couldn’t stop reading even when it was “writing time.”

Last 200 Words: Not this week.