Once Upon A Time…

Don’t all the best stories start that way? Once upon a time…

So, let me start this new story in the time honored tradition in hope that the best story may grow from the humble start.

Once upon a time, in a tree-shaded place back in the hills and hollows, an ugly duckling hatched to a pair of … well, to be honest … just pretty decent ducks. Surrounded by friends, pestered by siblings, and generally running almost wild through the scrub brush and white oaks, the ugly duckling eventually grew out of her rattly Schwinn and mud-stained Keds. The wonders of the wider world drew her and eventually she flew from the nest, as is the way of all ducks.

She had many adventures. Some exhilarating. Some horrible. Some up-lifting. Many that were not so much. To be honest, most of them were just pretty normal.

Until one day she found a magic place where stories are born. All kinds of stories. Happy stories, sad stories, and stories in which happy or sad are not really important. The most important thing was that the stories be told. In one corner of this place she found stories of love and hope. Stories that took her back to the nest in her heart. Stories that needed to be told and needed her to tell them.

Will they spring forth in full-throated cry? Or perhaps with a gentle wiffle and sigh? Only time will tell.

The End.


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