WIP Marathon Check-in #2

I’m a day late but using yesterday’s numbers but here’s the backlink to ID

Last Week’s Count: 17,600

Current Word Count: 24,500. Not anywhere near my goal.

WIP Issues Last Week: Getting the right level of engagement for my two mains was a bit of a challenge. I’m trying to internalize “Backstory informs the action. It doesn’t replace it.” I think I have to write out the backstory, but when I look at it after I realize that I’ve just spent 5,000 words on stuff that doesn’t happen here.

What I Learned This Week In Writing: Don’t try to read while you’re on a deadline. :/

What Distracted Me Last Week: I blame Gretchen Galway for taking too much time from my writing week with reading This Time Next Door and Love Handles. I couldn’t stop reading even when it was “writing time.”

Last 200 Words: Not this week.

Review: Gretchen Galway

I’m a sucker for an offbeat tale. When I saw Gretchen Galway’s This Time Next Door, I couldn’t resist grabbing a sample.

Tight writing with a humorous, self-deprecating wink drew me instantly into the story. Of course I knew how it would end. That’s the point of the genre isn’t it? You know how it ends but you want to see how the characters get there?

I loved MaJo and Rose. Watching them twist in the breeze kept me from my own writing this week. A delightfully charming plot and rich characterizations kept me flipping the screen instead of pounding the keys. The ending was immensely satisfying. If there were a couple of scenes that ran a little too blue for my normal consumption, I enjoyed them anyway. Even Nora Roberts gets a bit racy now and again 🙂

I’ll be citing Gretchen Galway as one of my main obstacles in the WIPMarathon update this week. As soon as I finished This Time Next Door, I ran right out and picked up Love Handles.

Gahh. I need to be writing … not reading.

Curse you, Gretchen. And thank you!

WIP Marathon Check-In #1

I just signed up this morning so bear with me as I try to tie all the pieces together. Here’s my link back to home.

Last Week’s Count: 0 – I just started.

Current Word Count: 17,600. I should be getting the two mains together very soon now.

WIP Issues Last Week: Trying to find the right voice for my guy. He’s hurt, alone, and bitter and I’m trying really hard not to fall for the cliches. I think he’s on the path. I’ll know by next week.

What I Learned This Week In Writing: Trust my characters. They know what’s supposed to happen even if I don’t.

What Distracted Me Last Week: Well, mostly this. I set up the blog and twitter and my reader and … and … and it’s all very exciting but also very distracting. I’ll have to train myself to only check in after I have my words for the day. Only 63,000 words left to go. This week’s target is 28,000 words (45,000 total). Yikes!

Last 200 Words: Not this week.

WIP Marathon Intro

I’m late to the game but I’ll just jog along here at the back of the pack. This is where I say “Hello, August Writing Marathon!”

Marathon Goal: Finish first draft (80k) by September 1, 2013

Marathon Stage: Grinding it out, one sentence after another. Getting my feet wet in social media and just trying to amp up the fun.

Marathon Inspiration: I grew up on Nora Roberts and Mary Stewart. I’m a reformed Harlequin junkie. The new ereaders have opened up a window for me–a window into the world behind the page. When I was younger, I never really believed I’d be able to break the wall of slush. The idea of creating living, breathing, loving characters seemed like some kind of voodoo, but now maybe I have enough life behind me to succeed at casting the spell. If I do, then I can try my hand at finding readers.

Marathon Obstacles: I suspect the biggest obstacle is me. I’ve always been my own harshest critic and prone to procrastination. (At one time I tried to join a procrastinators club but the meetings were always “tomorrow.”) My goal is 4k a day for the next twenty days … or 80k words and a completed story … whichever comes first.

WIP Marathon

I was just whinging about being too tired to write and too wide awake to sleep when I found this #wipmarathon project thing on Megan Paasch’s blog and followed the link over to Ifeoma Dennis’.

Sign up closed on the first of August but I think the mental exercise of spelling out the goals for the month – along with the potential obstacles is a good one. I’m gonna sleep on it tonight and see what I can come up with tomorrow.

Should be fun!

Once Upon A Time…

Don’t all the best stories start that way? Once upon a time…

So, let me start this new story in the time honored tradition in hope that the best story may grow from the humble start.

Once upon a time, in a tree-shaded place back in the hills and hollows, an ugly duckling hatched to a pair of … well, to be honest … just pretty decent ducks. Surrounded by friends, pestered by siblings, and generally running almost wild through the scrub brush and white oaks, the ugly duckling eventually grew out of her rattly Schwinn and mud-stained Keds. The wonders of the wider world drew her and eventually she flew from the nest, as is the way of all ducks.

She had many adventures. Some exhilarating. Some horrible. Some up-lifting. Many that were not so much. To be honest, most of them were just pretty normal.

Until one day she found a magic place where stories are born. All kinds of stories. Happy stories, sad stories, and stories in which happy or sad are not really important. The most important thing was that the stories be told. In one corner of this place she found stories of love and hope. Stories that took her back to the nest in her heart. Stories that needed to be told and needed her to tell them.

Will they spring forth in full-throated cry? Or perhaps with a gentle wiffle and sigh? Only time will tell.

The End.


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